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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead' Trailer 1.0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead'
  • German Call by Call 1.0

    One Click and you get the cheapest German call by call provider, valid for the actual hour. The information comes from
  • Txt Back 1.0

    With the help of Txt Back, you can see the latest information even without loading full file. Its usage enables you to see the log or CSV file from
  • Get Your Ex Back 1.0

    Get Your Ex Back 1.0 is designed as a professional program that can allow you to get your Ex Boyfriend Back desktop rss feed reader and follow your
  • TRC Chk-Back

    Chk-Back data recovery software can help restore data corrupted by the Windows CHKDSK process. If data is lost during CHKDSK (check disk), this
  • The Rat Is Back 1.2

    A 3 Reel Machine Featuring, Holds, Win Again, Rat Pot, Rat Race, Nudges, And A Gamble. Holds May Also Be Exchanged For Feature Hold And Vice-Versa.
  • Back and Forth -

    Comes with icons and sounds,
  • The Back Nine 1.7

    National Golf and PGA information delivered to your desktop from a The Back Nine ESPN radio show. Featuring golf instruction, news, and
  • Back to Top 6.0

    Back to Top is a Firefox extension that helps you navigate long pages. Basically, it adds two items to the context menu (right click), the "Go"
  • In Back 1.504

    A high performance tool designed to help computer users safeguard their precious files during the course of day-to-day work. Although many people do
  • Back-IT-Up 5.0

    Program Description : 1. You have 20 computers on your network.How will you start with your backup ?Install our program and you will be able to
  • Don't Look Back 1.0

    I m proud to finally present Don t Look Back, my very first game in flash! For the next week or so it s available only on Kongregate, but after that I
  • Easy Go Back 2.5

    Easy Go Back is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to conveniently navigate the browser back and forward. Now you can navigate Internet
  • Back To Earth 1.1

    You are a pilot of space interceptor bound back to Earth in order to give the captured alien spacecraft into the hands of scientists. The aliens are
  • Back Rest 1.0

    Back up/restore files. Create customized, self-extracting archives. Run manually from a project list, or unttended as a WIN task. Use built-in ZIP or
  • Back To Earth 2 1.1

    "Back To Earth 2" is a space arcade scrolling shooter, far superior to other games in this genre. The game is split into 7 episodes, each made of 4
  • RIP:Strike Back 1.6.0

    In 2222 cruel dictator “ General Wildboar conqured the World. His guardsmen, cyber-mariners and war robots are keeping in awe the whole planet and
  • Get Back 2 your loved one 1.40

    ALL-IN-ONE DOWNLOADABLE PACKAGE Contains: The DontBreakUp Strategical system to getting your Ex Back The Official "Don't Breakup" Ebook AUDIO MP3
  • Back Isometrics 5.6

    Back Isometrics exercise instructions. Back Exercise Isometrics focuses on working three major muscles: The Lower Back (the erector spinae ? the
  • Post Back

    Reply to classified posts without composing a new email! Reply to classified posts without composing a new email!
  • RIP: strike back

    Thank you for choosing RIP Strike Back! Ordering a full version you get access to all the levels and features of the game: * Unlimited play * 60
  • Back-In-Time 2.1.0

    Make the most of time Machine. Recover your past in a snap. Features: Access Time Machine Data located in any disk or Mac; Easily find the multiple
  • Get My Videos Back 1.3

    Get My Videos Back is a small and simple application specificly designed to help you save video or audio files from scratched CDs or DVDs quickly and
  • Mikrotik-Back-It-UP 2.5.7

    Mikrotik Back It Up is the best solution to make backups of your Routerboards. The Software is easy to use and all routerboad data is stored on a
  • Watch Your Back 1

    Watch Your Back Theme all include icons, system sounds and start and shutdown screens, Cursors and
  • Flash Back 2.9

    Flash Back is a powerful yet easy to use backup application. Various backup & restore modes, scheduling and encryption. Flash Back features backup
  • Right Back Up for Palm OS 2.05

    Right Back Up for Palm OS allows a user to perform a complete backup of their Palm Powered handhelds to the SD Memory card or Memory Stick. You can
  • Piggy Back 1.0

    A powerful tool designed for Delphi programmers who want to find a way to INCLUDE external programmes & files into their own source code. The
  • Back Taxes 2.0.0

    Non-filers of tax returns need to act quickly to avoid criminal prosecution for failure to file a tax return. Tax Attorney David Jacquot, JD, LLM,
  • Back to Close 1.8

    Close the current tab/browser when there is no PaGE History. Works with Mouse Gestures and will work with the back button on mice by configuring as
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  • uScreen

    uScreen is a FREE add-on application that gives you control over your communications like never before.uScreen call Manager pops up on your desktop to immediately let you know when you have an incoming call or fax. If
  • GiiTalk

    GiiTalk PC App is a powerful, feature rich PC Softphone that is designed to work anywhere in the world; at home, in office, behind firewalls and even in Countries blocking VoIP. Ideal for calling and messaging from/to
  • one4call 1.0

    One4call is a powerful communications software application that enables you to exploit the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks.Features:- call Answer »“ answers automatically
  • Alert Phone 1.17

    If you have a voice modem and internet connection, this program is a private secretary. Create alerts based on a key word in an email, or who it is from. Monitor stock quotes. If your conditions are met, it will
  • Pam Call Recorder

    Pam call Recorder is perfect for people who want to quickly record a Skype audio or video call. With this program you can take notes during a call or add them later, you can use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool
  • PhonePilot for Symbian S60 3rd 2.21

    It's all-in-one call management tool for everyone, which is integrated almost all call control functions you can imagine, including black/white list call filter, answering machine, call conversation recorder, auto call
  • AfterCall 1.0

    Do you often have to take some action right after the call? Like call back, make a note, make a calendar entry? Then Aftercall application is exactly for you! After your conversation ends, the message window with call
  • Kikotel Phone 1.0

    Kikotel provides a unique call experience to every customer wish to call, whether you want to call a mobile number or a landline, it will guarantee to you the best voice quality & the least cost worldwide.
  • Open Tool Kit (OTK) 0.95

    Open Tool Kit (OTK) 0.95brings you a convenient, lightweight and effectivewidget library for making graphical user interfaces (GUI's) for application programs. It emphasizes simplicity without eliminating capability.
  • vEmotion Call Record Center 2.0

    What is call Record Center? call Record Center is a server tool that enables you to receive call records via internet from vEmotion, and manage the call records collectively. What can call Record Center do? ???
  • BizPBX

    Features: - Internal Directory at a glance, online status, click-to-call. - Customer Directory at a glance, ready for search, click-to-call. - Initiate a conference call at any time, easy to use. - Increase call-in mode
  • Mubaraktalk 4.0

    With MubarakTalk, you can reach your loves one back home with cheapest rate anywhere in the world. MubarakTalk easy to use PC to Phone service allows you to enjoy quality call with longer talk time. Available at most
  • Jajah Outlook Add-in beta

    Use this add-in to call back an email sender immediately in Microsoft Outlook. Just click on an Outlook contact to initiate a JAJAH call. From now on, all listed phone numbers will automatically appear in the JAJAH
  • OTK-Open Tool Kit 0.82

    Otk is a portable widget Library for making graphical user Interfaces (GUI's) for application programs. It emphasizes Simplicity without eliminating capability. Open graphics Tool Kit supports neutrally: Linux, Unix,
  • Call411 1.0

    call411 is a free and simple to use call Display application. It features automatic caller's number and name identification, customizable ringtones, and speech call announce with talking caller ID. call411 has a built-in
  • Call List Scrubber 2.27.118

    call List Scrubber is a simple to use tool designed to help anyone comply with Federal and State Do Not call Laws. Unlike call list scrubbing services, call List Scrubber is a software program you install on your
  • Covered Call Calculator 1.0

    Covered call Calculator that calculates Static and assigned returns based on stock price, call strike and call price. Also works backwards to find the stock price, call strike or call price in order to obtain a
  • Best Callback 1.00

    Adds callback functionality to your smartphone. No matter if you're receiving a call or have accepted it already you can press callback key to reject the current call and call back to your correspondent instantly. Also
  • Pamela for Skype - Basic Version 4.8

    Pamela Basic allows you to record Skype calls for free. In addition Pamela can play audio files during a call, take notes during or after a call, transfer a call to a contact or group and many more cool features. Pamela
  • Unite Call Center 2.0

    Unite call Center for Skype is 100% software based, truly business-class customer communication and management system with host of much sought after capabilities. The traditional Hardware-based call Center systems
  • TopCallLogTool 1.4

    The set of tools performing call log... The ultimate set of tools performing all the call log operations that your Treo is missing: ARCHIVE RECORDS Use this function if you: - never or rarely purge the oldest call log
  • CallMe UIQ 1.0

    Cellular roaming costs are incredibly expensive. Rates for calls while roaming may be as much as 20 times the cost of calls from your home network. The callMe Personal callback application saves you money on
  • PC 2 Answering Machine 1.0

    PC 2 Answering Machine supports options which turn the procedures of accepting a call and returning a call into comfortable and efficient experiences - activation of computer events such as: audio and caller's details
  • Sidekick for NetMeeting 1.0

    Sidekick for NetMeeting is an advanced ILS directory server management tool. List, sort and filter ILS servers. Log on to many ILS server at once. Create different Profiles for different servers. call back feature
  • Pamela Call Recorder

    Pamela call Recorder you a convenient as well as beneficial program which is built to quickly record a Skype Skype audio or video call. In addition Pamela call Recorder offers "professional" functions like
  • Speap Call

    With Speap call you will be able to initiate international cheap phone calls. With Speap call you will be able to initiate international cheap phone calls to nearly all countries worldwide right from your desktop
  • PC-Telephone 6.4

    Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, SIP-telephone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your
  • DialItNow! 2.0

    Today there do not exist any efficient way of making a phone call to a number not stored in the mobile phone. DialItNow! has been developed to solve this issue. With DialItNow! a phone call is never more then one click
  • Call Alert! 1.0

    you have no doubt wished you could be aware on who is calling without the need to pick up the phone and answer a call. call Alert! enables your PC to recognize the caller without the need to answer. call Alert! employs
  • MO-Call 1

    MO-call is an intelligent software application that automatically directs all of your international calls to the Morodo Network so that you benefit from great savings. Dial an international number from your Phone Book,