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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead' Trailer 1.0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead'
  • German Call by Call 1.0

    One Click and you get the cheapest German call by call provider, valid for the actual hour. The information comes from
  • n-Track for Mac 2.2.0

    n-Track Studio is an audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your Mac into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a
  • Keep Track 3.7.8

    Keep Track 3.7.8is convenient and smart music organiser and player application which is able to offer you complete control of your music collection
  • The Right Track 10.0

    Right Track Freeware is a layout planning program for the PC (Windows only). The program allows you to design your dream layout using electronic
  • Track-It! 10.5

    At the heart of the Track-It! family is Track-It! Help Desk which provides you with a 360 degree view of your incidents, problems and change requests.
  • GPS Track 1.0

    GPS Track connects to a GPS and records the path that you travel.Tracks can be uploaded to a web site, sent by email, transferred via Bluetooth, or
  • Do Not Track Plus IE 32 bit Add On 2.2.5

    Stop secret tracking of your web browsing YOU'RE BEING FOLLOWED Every time you're on the web, companies, ad networks, and social networks collect
  • Do Not Track Plus IE 64 bit Add On 2.2.5

    Stop secret tracking of your web browsing YOU'RE BEING FOLLOWED Every time you're on the web, companies, ad networks, and social networks collect
  • Do Not Track Plus IE

    Stop secret tracking of your web browsing YOU'RE BEING FOLLOWED Every time you're on the web, companies, ad networks, and social networks collect
  • N-Track 1.0

    N-Track is a work-time tracking system developed for Microsoft Windows. It came about by accident. I had been involved in the development of an ASP
  • Vol-Track 2.0

    Developers Kingdom, LLC announces the upcoming release of Vol-Track version 2.0. This version is a complete redesign of the software and will add
  • Sky Track 1.0

    Tired of boring highway racing? Now highways go not through valleys and hills, but high in the sky beyond the clouds! Sky Track is a game with
  • Track-IT Suite 9.1

    DOVICO TimeSheet Software is an award-winning Time Management Software and Time Tracking Software adopted by thousands of successful companies
  • Simply Track 2.4.3

    Looking for software, which can import all your trades from various online brokerage accounts, automatically match your trades and then generate
  • TRICK-TRACK! 3.5

    Test your reflexes with the new Trick-Track!. The idea of the Game is to defend the Ball from reaching the RED AREA behind you, also you should shoot
  • n-Track Studio 8.0.0

    n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a
  • Track Your Trades 2013.1

    Track Your Trades (TYT) simplifies completion of the otherwise tedious federal Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses) tax form. Includes the new IRS
  • 16-Track Mp3 Player 2010

    The handy 16-Track Mp3 Player has following key features: you can use it for playing 64 Mp3 or Wav files while the Compressor, Limiter and Enhancer
  • Family on Track

    Designed to help families organize, schedule and file all aspects of today's hectic life. Easy to use, yet maintains complete and accurate records.
  • MSN Track Monitor 3.56

    MSN Track Monitor is a msn spy and MSN sniffer to spy MSN chat on network. It is able to hack and monitor MSN conversations automatically. All
  • Bill and Track 3.0.2

    Bill and Track 3.0.2 is a professional and smart system solution that supports a small business recurring and nonrecurring billing, inventory,
  • 16 Track Mp3 Player 2007

    * Play 64 Mp3 or Wav files * integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer * 4 differend pages a 16 files (Bank A,B,C and D) * Choose the waveout device
  • Track Your Trade 4.0

    You can use handy software Track Your Trade for easily generating Schedule D report for your federal tax return. You can use totals as well as wash
  • Balloon Track 1.9.4

    Predict the track, range and bearing of a high altitude balloon flight to the landing site. Predict the track, range and bearing of a high altitude
  • Print-Track 1.50

    Tracks and accounts for all print jobs sent to Windows print servers. Tracks against job name, logon, originating PC name or IP address, printer, job
  • Train Track 10

    TRAIN TRACK® gives you the tools you need to make sure training requirements are met. It is easy to learn and use, and can be modified to meet your
  • Track And Read

    Track & Read contains 12 therapy procedures for developing saccadic eye movements, span of recognition, and visual sequential memory skills
  • Fast Track PC 2.2

    Find out what's happening in your drive-thru, anytime, anywhere with Fast Track PC Software . Communicate with the Fast Track 2 2 Timer in real time
  • Jump-Track 3.2

    JumpTrack is the perfect software companion to view, compare and store information about all your jumps and equipment. JumpTrack uses the latest in
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  • Home Run Help Desk Express 2.32

    call Ticket Application: Home Run Help Desk ExPress for Microsoft Access 2000. The same as the Home Run Help Desk full-edition software but with only the features you need to track your call tickets. Home Run Help Desk
  • BC Call Center 5.0

    The Web Based BC call Center gives you the tools needed to quickly set up a coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your client
  • Call Tracker for Palm OS 2.16

    Managing your calls just got a lot easier with call tracker for Palm OS??. It allows you to track and log calls coming in and calls going out, and schedule new calls. Plus, you can add notes to existing calls, and even
  • Pam Call Recorder

    Pam call Recorder is perfect for people who want to quickly record a Skype audio or video call. With this program you can take notes during a call or add them later, you can use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool
  • uScreen

    uScreen is a FREE add-on application that gives you control over your communications like never before.uScreen call Manager pops up on your desktop to immediately let you know when you have an incoming call or fax. If
  • PHP Call Center 0.2.7

    PHP call Center is a web-based application used to keep track of a company's incoming phone calls. It is unlike other call loggers in that it is not based on "tickets" as those systems are often confusing and cumbersome
  • PhonePilot for Symbian S60 3rd 2.21

    It's all-in-one call management tool for everyone, which is integrated almost all call control functions you can imagine, including black/white list call filter, answering machine, call conversation recorder, auto call
  • Kikotel Phone 1.0

    Kikotel provides a unique call experience to every customer wish to call, whether you want to call a mobile number or a landline, it will guarantee to you the best voice quality & the least cost worldwide.
  • vEmotion Call Record Center 2.0

    What is call Record Center? call Record Center is a server tool that enables you to receive call records via internet from vEmotion, and manage the call records collectively. What can call Record Center do? ???
  • BizPBX

    Features: - Internal Directory at a glance, online status, click-to-call. - Customer Directory at a glance, ready for search, click-to-call. - Initiate a conference call at any time, easy to use. - Increase call-in mode
  • Call List Scrubber 2.27.118

    call List Scrubber is a simple to use tool designed to help anyone comply with Federal and State Do Not call Laws. Unlike call list scrubbing services, call List Scrubber is a software program you install on your
  • Covered Call Calculator 1.0

    Covered call Calculator that calculates Static and assigned returns based on stock price, call strike and call price. Also works backwards to find the stock price, call strike or call price in order to obtain a
  • Pamela for Skype - Basic Version 4.8

    Pamela Basic allows you to record Skype calls for free. In addition Pamela can play audio files during a call, take notes during or after a call, transfer a call to a contact or group and many more cool features. Pamela
  • LP Ripper 11.0.0

    LP Ripper makes the task of converting vinyl LPs, tapes and cassettes to MP3 files or CDs much easier. Just record each side of your LP as a single WAV file on your computer. LP Ripper automatically splits the file
  • TopCallLogTool 1.4

    The set of tools performing call log... The ultimate set of tools performing all the call log operations that your Treo is missing: ARCHIVE RECORDS Use this function if you: - never or rarely purge the oldest call log
  • PC 2 Answering Machine 1.0

    PC 2 Answering Machine supports options which turn the procedures of accepting a call and returning a call into comfortable and efficient experiences - activation of computer events such as: audio and caller's details
  • Pamela Call Recorder

    Pamela call Recorder you a convenient as well as beneficial program which is built to quickly record a Skype Skype audio or video call. In addition Pamela call Recorder offers "professional" functions like
  • National Do Not Call List Solution | Saf 2.0

    SafeList is the only tool you will ever need to scrub your database or a phone number list against the National, State or In-House (your own) Do Not call List. Features: Downloads the National Do Not call List
  • PhoneLog 2.10

    PhoneLog is a powerful phone management tool made possible by the unique features of the PalmPilot. PhoneLog tracks your phone messages, both the ones you receive and the ones you leave for others, and quickly creates a
  • one4call 1.0

    One4call is a powerful communications software application that enables you to exploit the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks.Features:- call Answer »“ answers automatically
  • PC-Telephone 6.4

    Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, SIP-telephone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your
  • DialItNow! 2.0

    Today there do not exist any efficient way of making a phone call to a number not stored in the mobile phone. DialItNow! has been developed to solve this issue. With DialItNow! a phone call is never more then one click
  • GiiTalk

    GiiTalk PC App is a powerful, feature rich PC Softphone that is designed to work anywhere in the world; at home, in office, behind firewalls and even in Countries blocking VoIP. Ideal for calling and messaging from/to
  • MO-Call 1

    MO-call is an intelligent software application that automatically directs all of your international calls to the Morodo Network so that you benefit from great savings. Dial an international number from your Phone Book,
  • Magicfeatures Plugin 2.10

    Magicfeatures is specifically designed to be used with a regular magicJack or magicJack Plus dongle plugged into a computer along with a physical phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling
  • Voicent CallCenterManager 8.3.2

    Voicent's call Center Manager is a powerful software tool for measuring and managing call Centers. Use it to:- Manage Agent Performance Quality- Easy call monitoring and recording, "whisper coaching" capability enables
  • Skype Click to Call 5.11.9874

    call numbers instantly, anywhere on the web, with just one click. call numbers instantly, anywhere on the web, with just one click. Its the fast and easy way to make calls with Skype, directly from your browser.
  • OffHook For Mac OS X 1.0.5

    OffHook allows work groups on the same local network to monitor the phone status of other OffHook users. With the click of a mouse, a user can communicate to other users that they are beginning a phone call. When the
  • Red Call Recorder 1.1

    Would you like to record phone calls ? 'Red call Recorder 1.1' is the perfect way. When accepting a call, this program will immediately recognize the caller, than just click the button and start recording. You can pause,
  • Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0

    Today there do not exist any efficient way of making a phone call to a number not stored in the mobile phone. Bluetooth PC Dialer has been developed to solve this issue. With Bluetooth PC Dialer a phone call is never