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  • BC Call Center 5.0

    The Web Based BC call center gives you the tools needed to quickly set up a coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your client
  • Lokad Call Center Calculator 2.3.377.1

    Don't waste time or money on your call center schedules. Too much staff and expenses get out of control. To few staff and your customers get mad because of the long waiting queues. Bringing your call center at full
  • vEmotion Call Record Center 2.0

    What is call Record center? call Record center is a server tool that enables you to receive call records via internet from vEmotion, and manage the call records collectively. What can call Record center do? ???
  • Bonrix Auto Dialer 1.0.0

    Yours autodialers are leaders in complete call center software solutions and offer the most versatile and result-geared autodialers, automated phone dialers, predictive dialers, IVRs, VOIP and other computer telephony
  • Queuing Model Excel 30

    The Queuing Model will calculate the optimum number of customer service points (staff) to minimize costs for your business. It considers the average arrival rate of customers, the average customer service rate, the cost
  • Unite Call Center 2.0

    Unite call center for Skype is 100% software based, truly business-class customer communication and management system with host of much sought after capabilities. The traditional Hardware-based call center systems
  • OfficeGenie 3.2

    Officegenie is an advanced call Tracking and customer Data Management System from the house of Softlogic Innovations. The software is best suited for Product/service Departments, Market Surveys, Product/service
  • LIVECHAT Contact Center 1

    LIVECHAT Contact center is a live chat software solution to provide online customer service and support sales through website. Contact center provides website visitors with free contact channel with the website owner,
  • Advanced Call Center 6.0

    An advanced, yet simple-to-use phone answering machine for your voice modem. All the features you'd expect are supported: call monitoring and logging, caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, "white" and "black" lists,
  • FTrack CRM 5.10

    customer Relationship Management, Includes Products and services Definition, Stock Management, Suppliers Marketing Campaigns, Mailings, Sales Force Automation (Sales Accounts, Sales Opportunities, Quotations) customer
  • Inbound Call center Profit Book 1.1

    Inbound call center: Why and Why not? Every successful business reaches a point where they can no longer handle all of their customer requests or calls on their own. There are many reasons for the same. Some of them are:
  • 3CX Phone System Package 8.0

    CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service
  • Starting Call Center 1.0

    Starting call center 1.0 is a highly flexible, feature-rich screensaver. Now For Free, huge call center information all in your finger tips for
  • LobbyDeck 1.0

    LobbyDeck 1.0 brings you a simple and easy to use customer queuing and tracking application whihc is used to manage customers waiting for service. LobbyDeck replaces the sign-in board found in most Banks, Credit Unions,
  • eTalkup Operator Console 2.0.0703

    eTalkup reduces the telephony cost for your call center. In addition, eTalkup provides internal communication through Instant Messaging and VoIP (Voice over IP) among your business employees Greet your customer online
  • Yahoo! Radio21 2.1

    This call center software yapp will let you listen the romanian Radio21 station directlly in your Y!M client. call center Software is a friendly site that just want to give you new software solutions. There is no reason
  • CTI Data Connector - Edition 3.0

    This solution was especially developed for working with - requires Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Edition. Features: - Integration of the salesforce call center adapter and
  • Service Call Management 2007 -

    service call Management Database is the must have service call-out control software system designed to be used by small to mid size organisations, or the single tradesman to simplify the management and tracking of your
  • Kikotel Phone 1.0

    Kikotel provides a unique call experience to every customer wish to call, whether you want to call a mobile number or a landline, it will guarantee to you the best voice quality & the least cost worldwide.
  • Phipe Free

    Introducing Free Phipe, a complete solution for all your Outbound Contact center requirements. Phipe is a standalone desktop dialer which is integrated with Skype, Skype being the most used free VoIP solution requires
  • Web+Center 6.0

    Web+center - A suite of web based customer support applications including: customer+center - A customer support web application that allows customers to register themselves and log, update and check the status their
  • Update Service Pro

    Update service Pro is a software update tool designed for the retail environment. You can offer your customer the latest product software while they wait, so why send the phone to a service center when you can solve it
  • SIP PBX v2 2 69

    A Free Windows SIP PBX, with rich and powerful features like ACD(Automatic call Distribution), Ring Group, call Parking, Auto Attendant, Pickup Group, Conference, Auto-Dialer, Database CDR report, Database PBX Status
  • Service Center for MySQL 6.7

    service center for MySQL is a multi-functional Windows GUI utility for MySQL server maintenance and data reservation. service center for MySQL allows you to create tasks for backing your data into a script, restoring
  • Barracuda CRM 1.2

    customer Relationship Management system for the growing customer-oriented sales and service enterprise. Easy-to-access features include customer and Contact Management, activity scheduling and tracking, order
  • Centium Suite 2010 - CCS 2.2

    CENTIUM CCS is call center Software build to run on the NEC SV8100 PABX series (also runs on NEC Aspire series).CENTIUM CCS provides several distinct and important benefits. All of which are interrelated, to: improving
  • Nuclearsoft ERP 4.21

    Nuclearsoft ERP system is a integrated management system, it is a amazing tools for business planning, business strategy, company management control and estimate their company. Clear WorkFlow General information is
  • BizPBX

    Features: - Internal Directory at a glance, online status, click-to-call. - customer Directory at a glance, ready for search, click-to-call. - Initiate a conference call at any time, easy to use. - Increase call-in mode
  • Egsoft After-sale Service 4.51

    Egsoft After-sale service is a process for handling customer service software, Can be very convenient for customer, service, maintenance, commodity parts, warehouse, staff and assessment, accounts, and the re-visit and
  • Offshore BPO 1.1

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) contains the Transmission of Processes along with the associated operational activities and responsibilities, to a third party with at least a guaranteed equal service level and where