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  • Blocking App 1.0

    Blocking app is an useless freeware application which has been built only to test the reliability of Flash Desktops. When you doubleclick the
  • Pen Drive Blocking Software

    USB drive data theft protection tool monitor removable drive activity in real time and offline mode which facilitates the full security and privacy to
  • USB Drive Blocking Software

    Windows network USB drive access monitoring software is an efficient LAN based utility that disable pen drives to prevent data theft. USB drive
  • Form Spam Blocking Script 1

    The Form Spam Blocking Script will block form submissions that include user defined blocked words, effectively stopping all form spam including
  • TCPKeyBlockHook Delphi Keyboard Blocking Hook DLL 1.5

    TCPKeyBlockHook Hooks into the Windows API and Hooks every Key pressed on the Keyboard. It can also block any key or system key combination. It works
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead' Trailer 1.0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops - 'Call of the Dead'
  • German Call by Call 1.0

    One Click and you get the cheapest German call by call provider, valid for the actual hour. The information comes from
  • MO-Call 1

    MO-Call is an intelligent software application that automatically directs all of your international calls to the Morodo Network so that you benefit
  • CZ Call Log Pro 2.0

    treo call log analyzer CZ Call Log Pro is a powerful, full-featured treo phone call log analyzer which shows you all your call log graph and text
  • MHP Call

    Call from your WiFi Mobile or P?? to anywhere in the World. No need of any VPN (like Kong share, Hotspot Shield etc.), connect directly in UAE,
  • V3W Call -

    V3W is a revolutionary software which allows free calls between two computers while achieving a low BitRate of ~20Kbps. it is very low on resources
  • OB-On Call 1.0

    Have you ever been on call, covering Obstetrics for the evening, when you are caught completely off guard with a patient file? The OB triage nurse
  • CZ Call Log 2.0

    CZ Call Log is a powerful, full-featured treo phone call log analyzer which shows you all your call log graph and text statistics including: incoming
  • Call Corder 3.8

    - A program for recording telephone calls, including automatic mode recording the number of a caller
  • PBX Call Tarifficator Pro 2.1

    PBX Call Tarifficator Pro is a call accounting and billing system, which helps you to manage all the telephone traffic via your office switching
  • Call Alert! 1.0

    You have no doubt wished you could be aware on who is calling without the need to pick up the phone and answer a call. Call Alert! enables your PC to
  • Red Call Recorder 1.1

    Would you like to record phone calls ? 'Red Call Recorder 1.1' is the perfect way. When accepting a call, this program will immediately recognize the
  • Voice Call 4.2

    Voice Call is an answering machine and telephone dialer with Caller ID and Speakerphone support. It will restore itself from the system tray on the
  • BC Call Center 5.0

    The Web Based BC Call Center gives you the tools needed to quickly set up a coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money,
  • Call of the Wild 1

    Animated snow screen saver features a winter scene of wolves howling. Registered version includes no expiration, nor advertising. Matching desktop
  • Roll Call 2.90

    An employee in and out board and a secure instant messaging system. With Roll Call, you only need to remember to change it when you leave your desk,
  • Call of the Warlords 1.31

    Call of the Warlords is a hybrid strategy roleplaying game set in the Empire of Khadoria, an ancient realm held together by the will and political
  • SPA Call Manager 3.1

    SPA Call Manager is a software utility that deals with Linksys SPA series VoIP phones. It is mainly designed for directory replication but supports
  • Call Graph 4.1

    Call Graph recording plugin for Skype is a desktop application. Call Graph Skype plugin connects to the Skype application running on your PC and
  • Call Notificator

    Call Notificator is a useful free tool which extends the ability of your telephone hardware. Suitable for any PBX's, telephone sets, telephony cards,
  • Fax Call To Email 1.0

    Fax Call To Email 1.0offers users a helpful and reliableemail fax program that giving you the ability to send incoming fax calls to your POP3 or SMTP
  • My Call Register 8.1

    My Call Register 8.1 is satisfy your needs to add and view a variety of data about calls you make. You can record your calls, print and e-mail
  • Make Call 1.0

    Make Call is Alchemy Eye pugin that will make a call using voice modem and play specified sound file when monitored server goes
  • Comet call log 2.2.1

    Now you can easily and whenever want get records of all outgoing and incoming calls by using exclusive software application Comet call log. It
  • Ezy Call Manager 7.4.1

    Allows you to manage in-coming calls and follow-up actions. Allows you to manage in-coming calls and follow-up actions. Ezy Call Manager is a
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  • CallBlocker 1.0

    Quietly runs in the background. Quickly monitor incoming calls. All calls are logged and list can be printed. Enter in your own custom blocking criteria or use the default settings.Blocked calls only ring once
  • GiiTalk

    GiiTalk PC App is a powerful, feature rich PC Softphone that is designed to work anywhere in the world; at home, in office, behind firewalls and even in Countries blocking VoIP. Ideal for calling and messaging from/to
  • Pam Call Recorder

    Pam call Recorder is perfect for people who want to quickly record a Skype audio or video call. With this program you can take notes during a call or add them later, you can use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool
  • uScreen

    uScreen is a FREE add-on application that gives you control over your communications like never before.uScreen call Manager pops up on your desktop to immediately let you know when you have an incoming call or fax. If
  • Picture Caller ID 2.0.1

    Picture caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone. call blocking enables effective telemarketer call block by cutting off black-listed numbers, such as the numbers that are blocked, out-of-area, or
  • PhonePilot for Symbian S60 3rd 2.21

    It's all-in-one call management tool for everyone, which is integrated almost all call control functions you can imagine, including black/white list call filter, answering machine, call conversation recorder, auto call
  • Kikotel Phone 1.0

    Kikotel provides a unique call experience to every customer wish to call, whether you want to call a mobile number or a landline, it will guarantee to you the best voice quality & the least cost worldwide.
  • vEmotion Call Record Center 2.0

    What is call Record Center? call Record Center is a server tool that enables you to receive call records via internet from vEmotion, and manage the call records collectively. What can call Record Center do? ???
  • BizPBX

    Features: - Internal Directory at a glance, online status, click-to-call. - Customer Directory at a glance, ready for search, click-to-call. - Initiate a conference call at any time, easy to use. - Increase call-in mode
  • Skype Gateway Lite for Common Voice Mode 2.0.3

    Teleon Gateway for Skype is a personal VoIP gateway works under Windows 2K/XP. It is a PCI card, has a FXO interface to connect PSTN phone line. Its driver works with Skype to convey calls from local PSTN to remote PC
  • Call List Scrubber 2.27.118

    call List Scrubber is a simple to use tool designed to help anyone comply with Federal and State Do Not call Laws. Unlike call list scrubbing services, call List Scrubber is a software program you install on your
  • NetQin Communication Master 2.3.00

    NetQin Communication Master provides the functional mode of private space. After the user has set up private contact in this space, the records of SMS and calls between the user and private contact will be encrypted
  • Covered Call Calculator 1.0

    Covered call Calculator that calculates Static and assigned returns based on stock price, call strike and call price. Also works backwards to find the stock price, call strike or call price in order to obtain a
  • Erlang Calculator 0.1

    This is an Erlang B and C calculator. Used in call centers to predicted service quality. Erlang B is also used in network planning. Written in Visual Studio C#. Erlang C is used or modified in commercial Workforce
  • Pamela for Skype - Basic Version 4.8

    Pamela Basic allows you to record Skype calls for free. In addition Pamela can play audio files during a call, take notes during or after a call, transfer a call to a contact or group and many more cool features. Pamela
  • Phone Call Blocker 1.0.3388

    You ca keep yourself relax by using handy software application Phone call Blocker that is capable of blocking undesired phone calls at undesired times. Blogging of calls that match a Regular Expression or wildcard is
  • Opera AdBlock 0.46

    The true ad blocking solution for Opera. Subscribe to ad blocking lists and enable ad blocking in Opera. Fanboy, Peter Lowe, EasyList and other providers of lists are available (including many language specific
  • TopCallLogTool 1.4

    The set of tools performing call log... The ultimate set of tools performing all the call log operations that your Treo is missing: ARCHIVE RECORDS Use this function if you: - never or rarely purge the oldest call log
  • PC 2 Answering Machine 1.0

    PC 2 Answering Machine supports options which turn the procedures of accepting a call and returning a call into comfortable and efficient experiences - activation of computer events such as: audio and caller's details
  • Advanced Productivity Pack 1.00

    Advanced Productivity Pack (APP) provides you with top-notch solutions you need to stay in control of your mobile communication and protect your device. APP features 3 best-seller applications: * Advanced call
  • Pamela Call Recorder

    Pamela call Recorder you a convenient as well as beneficial program which is built to quickly record a Skype Skype audio or video call. In addition Pamela call Recorder offers "professional" functions like
  • Teleon Skype Gateway for Voice Modem 2.03

    Skype gateway driver for voice modem Teleon Skype Gateway for voice modem is a VoIP gateway driver for common voice modem card. calls can be forwarded from PSTN to Skype remote user and vice versa, in fix transfer
  • one4call 1.0

    One4call is a powerful communications software application that enables you to exploit the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks.Features:- call Answer »“ answers automatically
  • LinkWall Suite (Evaluation) 3.90

    This program is a solution to the issue of blocking access to unwanted websites. The advantages of using it compared with other third-party solutions include: it fully supports all BorderManager versions from 3.5 to 3.9,
  • AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper

    An Adblock extension for Google Chrome. Similar to ???Remove It Permanently??? and ???Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper??? from Firefox. For now, AdBlock Plus subscriptions are supported, but only for "elements
  • PC-Telephone 6.4

    Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, SIP-telephone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your
  • DialItNow! 2.0

    Today there do not exist any efficient way of making a phone call to a number not stored in the mobile phone. DialItNow! has been developed to solve this issue. With DialItNow! a phone call is never more then one click
  • MO-Call 1

    MO-call is an intelligent software application that automatically directs all of your international calls to the Morodo Network so that you benefit from great savings. Dial an international number from your Phone Book,
  • SP365 1.0

    Welltech SP365 is a soft-phone designed for VOIP service provider. With built-in Account Balance Display, Voice Mail Indicator and Text Message Chatting, SP365 is a best choice for running the VOIP service with PC
  • Magicfeatures Plugin 2.10

    Magicfeatures is specifically designed to be used with a regular magicJack or magicJack Plus dongle plugged into a computer along with a physical phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling